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Once a licensed air conditioning contractor has verified the condensate drain is cleaned and free of obstruction(s), the Drain Guard T-Body (Model T-73018) may be installed. CAUTION: use only regular clear PVC cement, otherwise damage will occur. This is an ABS product. Once it is installed, the contractor will run the air conditioner system and look for any leaks as this is a totally sealed component; ensure all glue joints are watertight and that the Drain Guard cartridge has been clicked into the locked position. Insulate the T-Body when installing in an unconditioned space to prevent sweating. DO NOT glue the cartridge to the body assembly as this is a self-locking mechanism with a gasket seal. For cartridge replacement, twist the expended Drain Guard cartridge off the T-body assembly and reinstall your replacement Drain Guard cartridge. Watch our video for complete details on the installation of the Drain Guard T-body, and, also how to change the cartridge.

WARRANTY: Drain Guard is warranted against manufacturer defects for a period of 180 days from the date of installation if installed by a licensed air conditioning company (HVAC Company) and not altered. Proof of installation by a licensed air conditioning contractor and return of product required for any warranty claim.